Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hmm... what to say, what to say...

Funny how when you're with friends or just talking to yourself in the car (before that idiot in front of you cuts across four lanes, causing a disruption in the thought processes due to swearing and gesturing) everything sounds good and comes easy, but when you sit down to write it all out and send it to anyone who's reading, your thoughts become as tangled and dense as a peat bog.

I should be better at this. I've been making up stuff most of my life. Stories, characters, jokes. I suppose this isn't the most inspiring post to begin my blogging career with, but I can only hope in time it will get better.

Likely this spot will contain my views--or rants--on just about every part of my life, but especially on my writing, my sweetie, my son and my pets.

Now I'm going to try posting this and see what happens.