Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Well, I've written a lot of words, but I'm still shy of my 50,000 mark by about 40 words or so. Why is it that when you tell yourself you're going to make a certain goal, i.e. I want to push my total word count over 50k, that you get right to the brink of that goal and something steps in the way? Like totally running out of ideas. Or you have to go to work, or the phone rings and it turns into a major discussion. This seems to happen to me regularly with my writing. I'll be packing a full head of steam, fingers flying like crazy, then--'oh, crap! I'm gonna be late for work!'

Of course, then you must ask yourself, why is she sitting here blogging when she should be writing? hmm....

Frankly I'm not awake enough to string more than basic thoughts together right now. I need a little more coffee, a little stretching (maybe some Pilates) and then I'll be ready to crank some more out.