Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And so we begin the 'Dog Days'.

Ah, the heat! The humidity! The strange hair styles!

I believe the reason the first two weeks of August are called 'dog days' is because the old-timers believed that the heat of August made the dogs cranky and they were more likely to bite during the dog days than at other times. I think that late summer is also peak time for rabies so there is likely a connection there as well.

What I notice about dog days around here is that, for the last few days and probably a couple more after today, we're getting an oppressively humid heat that makes it hard to even draw in a breath when you step outside. I had planned to weed my flower beds this week before vacation but something tells me that waiting until after vacation might be the wiser course. I don't know, I keep having visions of me lying amidst my black-eyed susans, unconscious from heat stroke.

And of course, dog days means that the 'five minute style' has returned. This is the hairstyle that you curl and spray and tease to perfection that falls into lank, humidity-drenched strings five minutes after you're done. I've already experienced this once in the last week, and of course we were going to a nice wedding so I actually wanted to look good. Well, a couple of gin & tonics later I forgot all about my hair and enjoyed watching everyone do the electric slide.

So hail to the Dog Days! Learn to worship your air conditioner! Find new excuses to stand in front of the fridge with the door open! Put your hair back in a pony tail and mix yourself another drink!

But most of all, enjoy it while it lasts. Fall is coming, and we all know the "W" word is fast on its heels.