Thursday, August 24, 2006

I love reading people's bumper stickers on their cars. There's something about what a person chooses to put on their car that reflects who they are, to a certain extent.

Like this woman who came into my old job (vet) and on the back of her minivan there was a bumper sticker that read: I'm Just A Little F***ing Ray of Sunshine. And she fit that exactly.

I used to have Reading Is Fun right over Kill Your Television. Unfortunately when I sold the car the new owners scraped them right off.

Other fun bumper stickers I have known:

Question Internal Combustion
My Average Student Can Beat Up Your Honor Student
Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys
Grandchildren Are God's Reward For Not Killing Your Kids
This Car Is Part Of A Scientific Dirt Test
If You Get Any Closer You'll Be Sitting In My Back Seat
What If The Hokey-Pokey IS What It's All About?

To be continued...