Saturday, August 26, 2006

It sure would be nice if the world revolved exactly as I wanted it to. Then I could go back in time, travel from one place to another in the blink of an eye, and make my windows clean themselves.

But I live in this world and there's not much I can do about it except vent when the need arises.

Like today, for instance.

Today started out good, nice weather, and son passed his Tae Kwon Do test (he's a black belt, by the way, quite an accomplishment for 12). Then I decided to clean the kitchen and discovered, to my horror, that when the faucet started leaking two weeks ago the water had made it all the way across the counter to my cookbooks. I'd had no inkling; I thought I had stopped the water before it got that far. Obviously not. So my cookbooks are at present hanging on my clothes drying rack with a fan blowing on them, and my loose recipes are spread all over my kitchen table to dry.

What a fricking mess. Worse, some stuff actually had a bit of mildew stink to it. Gross.

Could this day go downhill? YOU BET!!

I got an email this afternoon from a writing contest I had entered that my entry was disqualified for having some single-spaced text in it. Apparently this single-spaced text put my entry over the page limit when it was spread out to double space.

I'm like, no f***ing way. I checked my file and it looks perfectly fine, all double spaced. I thought I checked each page, made sure everything looked good... but apparently I missed something so obvious a third grader could have picked it out.

I'm mad. And--call it denial if you will--I'm suspicious. How in the hell could a file that is perfect on your computer be printed wrong? And if SEVEN pages of manuscript were single spaced, wouldn't I have noticed it? Wouldn't my page numbers be affected, and my total be far less than before? Wouldn't I have seen the difference at some point while printing out four separate copies of a 54 page manuscript? Wouldn't it have jumped out at me?

Wouldn't I have noticed it???????????

Okay, okay, enough venting. I know I have to wait and see what comes back to me in the mail. Of course I probably won't receive my critiqued pages until the end of next month--could they drag time on any more?

I'm so depressed. I think I'll go drown my sorrows in the nearest beer.

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spy scribbler said...

I forgot your son took taekwondo! That's so cool! I was supposed to test for my purple/black stripe this month, but we'll have to see. (I hurt my foot.)

Clean windows? I rofl'ed when I read that. I don't think I've cleaned windows in YEARS, if ever! Man, my mother was a neatnik. Everything was sparkling. Why couldn't I inherit some of that?

I'm sorry about your cookbooks! How are they feeling, now?