Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yesterday marked the end of my first week at my new job.

Whew! What a week!

Granted, this new job at the library is nowhere near as physically demanding as the old one. At least not yet. When I take over story time, who knows what will happen. But I digress. It's definitely not hard, physically. But mentally there's a lot going on. So many different aspects and responsibilities to the position, and all of them getting thrown at me at once!

The first couple of days were a little overwhelming, to say the least. I got the behind-the-scenes tour, I got to sit at my desk (YES!! I have a DESK!!), I got to order some audio books and I got to plan a bit on the first segment of storytimes with one of my fellow co-workers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I think it will be fun, overall. I'm worried that my storytimes will be a flop, though I found out they are much easier than I was initially led to believe. I bought a hand puppet to be my mascot--a big black lab puppy that I'm naming Poe, after Edgar Allan of course--and I've been looking up book after book after rhyme after song... The research end of this could go on forever.

I also get to make signs and write up calendar events and play with publisher and powerpoint until ideas start bleeding out of my ears.

Doesn't this sound great???

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spy scribbler said...

It does sound great!! My best friend did that. If you ever want to talk to someone, just let me know! She just moved to Ohio and now she's working at a college library, but she was a children's librarian and did really cool storytimes. I bet you'll come up with some awesome story times, too! Good luck!