Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hooray for October!

There's a nip in the air, a bit of color in the trees and I can wear sweaters around if I choose to. I've got the blue jeans ready and my heavy, clunky shoes that never see the light of day all summer, and my warm hats and gloves ready too. The rakes are at attention, the leaf blower is primed, I've been making pies and cleaning house and just letting my nesting urge take right over.

Yes, fall is my favorite time of year. Sure, it's a bummer of sorts that summer is gone, but I was getting pretty tired of shorts and t-shirts and trying to walk normally in thong sandals. Can anybody do this? I don't think so! Maybe if you've got calluses between your toes and your big toe has undergone bionic enhancement a la Oscar Goldman, but for the rest of us it's grip and lift and pray it doesn't fly off and hit somebody and lay it down and lift and grip the other side... I'm tired just thinking about it.

Back to fall. Whoopee!! I can't wait to jump in a leaf pile with son, sweetie and the dog. I can't wait to get my pumpkins for Halloween. Of course, if you go too soon, the darn thing will rot before you can carve it around here. I can't wait for that first frost, when your breath starts freezing in the air when you let it out. When you really have to bundle up. When the trick or treaters come (except the little girl mentioned earlier) in their goofy costumes...

Speaking of which, which costume would you rather have on Halloween? Something scary, something funny/clever, something cute, or something vampy/shocking? I would go with funny/clever every time because I enjoy making people laugh. Son wants to be Michael Myers this year. I'm not really turned on by this as M.M. is one of the most seriously scary movie monsters of all time (I had nightmares after I saw this movie for the first time and I was 21 years old, folks...) I wanted him to be a chick magnet. You know, dress in red and gray like a magnet and stick little stuffed baby chicks, or Peeps, all over him. I thought this was hilarious. Apparently he prefers the scary stuff.

But anyhow, bring on autumn! Let the leaves fly! I can't wait!


spy scribbler said...

We just got out Halloween decorations up! Boy, I'm with you. I just LOVE Halloween and fall! Love, love, love!

spy scribbler said...

PS: In your costume choices, you forgot sexy! That's what I'd like to be!

Just a few more pounds ... *grins*