Sunday, January 14, 2007

Suspending Disbelief

Is anyone else NOT watching the season premiere of "24" tonight besides me?

Okay, okay, don't get me wrong. I watched part of it last season and I argue that the most interesting character of last season was Jean Smart as the president's wife--she had some of the best lines in the whole show. When she was on, the show was worth watching. The rest of the time I was either out of the room or shouting "OH, COME ON!" at the TV set. Son and Sweetheart banished me after the first few episodes.

So yes, I've caught bits and pieces here and there. Some was almost good.

But as a whole? Pass.

I think the main reason "24" has failed as entertainment for me is the whole concept of suspended disbelief. In 24 hours Jack Bauer gets shot, stabbed, blown up, sewn up, put in jail, put in disguise, he steals cars, hijacks planes, kills people, kisses girls, gets drugged, mugged and kidnapped. Among other things. Could anybody survive a factory explosion with only a police car between them and the blast? Where is the mathematical formula that proves that in a shootout with the bad guys, it is possible for Jack to gun down more terrorists than there are bullets in his clip but gets no wounds himself? And how can he get stabbed and drugged and not need any recovery time? No trip to the ER? No follow-ups with his family physician as per his HMO? (As an aside, imagine the insurance bills! Oy!)

I realize Jack Bauer is the epitome of TV tough guy, Mr. Indestructo. But come on, he doesn't eat any meals, shower, sleep, or go to the bathroom! Seriously! I have a strong bladder, but there's no way in hell I can go 24 hours without making a pit stop. And apparently, no one at the CTU control center does any of these "normal" things either. They only use the bathroom for secret cell phone calls or to upload the latest whatever into the newest gadget. They manage to go at 100% all day without so much as a piece of toast to sustain themselves. No one yawns or gets a headache or has children or even a pet. It's amazing. It's astounding.

It's... beyond belief.

Almost eight here. I think I'll go pick up a book.


spyscribbler said...

Oh, but he IS hot! I made a mistake and forgot to DVR it in time. So now I've missed the first 45 minutes. What can you do?

LOLOLOL ... ROFL! So true about the pit stop! And no food? Not even a quick candy bar during commercials? I know I couldn't live without food for 24 hours! :D

Honey said...

*raises hand* I don't watch it. But that's more because Mr. Honey and I are the freaks in the neighborhood with a 50-inch TV but no cable or rabbit ears.

That said... we were visiting relatives over the weekend and caught a lovely scene of Jack Bauer biting someone's ear off, and so we decided to pass.

I love your take on it though. :) Thanks for educating this tv-less girl.