Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why is it that you have no time to get stuff done when you really need to get it done?

Take this week for example. Not only am I pulling 40 hours, but I have relatives coming on Saturday for big family dinner--which requires cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, wiping, cooking, baking etc... as well as my new refrigerator coming on Saturday during some mysterious "two-hour window" that they're supposed to arrange on Friday--which requires emptying the old fridge, cleaning it out a little, getting it out of the way, etc... as well as having to drive Son up to meet Dad at the state line, which chops about 5 1/2 hours out of my day... as well as having to grocery shop... as well as attending Son's band concert tonight that I just found out about last night... as well as still having to hang up the new curtains in the windows in the kitchen... as well as finishing putting the new knobs on the cabinet...

Somehow I have to fit all this in between now and 4:00 Saturday.

Shall we all place our bets on how many glasses of wine I have Saturday night??

1 Comment:

Kait said...

I have to pick a number? 3

Hope all your weekend goes well.