Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Sparks #5

Walter Cronkite always signed off his newscasts with "And that's the way it is..."

Use the above quote two times in this spark. Begin your writing with:

"He worked up a good lather..."


StarvingWriteNow said...

He worked up a good lather, massaging the shampoo into Hector's coat while the Rottweiler groaned with pleasure.
And he muttered to himself.
"That's life, that's love, and that's the way it is. What a crock of shit."
She hadn't wanted to make it work, he knew that now. She wanted her life the way she wanted it when she wanted it how she wanted it. She wanted her pink bathroom and her mirrors on the ceiling and her stilettos.
And her freedom. Let's not forget her freedom.
Mike reached over and pulled the hose close. He slowly squeezed, imagining for a brief second that it was her neck he was wringing. The warm water sprayed onto Hector's back and Mike worked his hands through the dense fur, lifting and rinsing until the dog was clean. Then Hector shook, spraying water in all directions, soaking Mike's shirt and pants.
He had to laugh. It was either that or scream.
"You got it, Hector old pal. That's life, that's love, and that's the way it is. Just shake it off."

spyscribbler said...

See, now, you're getting some writing done! You say you haven't been writing much, but just look at the last few Mondays!

Love it!