Thursday, June 14, 2007


1. It's NEW. No one else owned it before me. Matter of fact I was the first and only one to test drive it and everything.
2. New Car Smell.
3. I picked it out, so I got the car--and color!--I wanted.
4. Brand loyalty: it's a Toyota. A Matrix if you're interested.
5. Color: Phantom Gray Pearl--which when I read it made me think immediately of Scooby Doo. ("Like, it's the Phantom, Scoob!")
6. Keyless entry. Sweet.
7. The dash looks like a race car almost.
8. It's got some giddyup under the hood!
9. The rear seat folds totally flat, and so does the passenger seat. I can carry 2x4's or fly fishing rods if I want to!
10. The hatch glass opens independently of the hatch, so I can reach in for stuff.
11. There's a "cigarette lighter" outlet inside the console as well as on the dash. I can charge with impunity.
12. Daytime running lights. Smart and safe.
13. The dog doesn't have to lie on the seats any more!!

I could go on and on, but I have to go do another round of the New Car Happy Dance with my pimpin' new car.


Rhonda Stapleton said...

YAYYYYYYY!! New cars are AWESOME. One day, I too shall own a new car that no one else has owned. One day. hahahahaha

spyscribbler said...

You fly fish? So cool! I just love new car smell. You know, you can actually buy "new car smell" freshener! It's good stuff!