Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday, Rainy Monday

Well folks, we're in for the Rain Olympics here in Northern Ohio this morning. And as you all know, the Rain Olympics is followed closely by the Flood Awards. Thank goodness our sump is working and, if we're lucky, we'll only have one narrow stream coming under the wall this time.

Enough water talk.

Here's a question for the universe: What is it about friendship that, while it is a joy and something to be valued highly, it can also be a royal pain in the patoot?

I have a friend who is a MicroManager. I love her dearly, but there are times when she gets on hyper-planning mode--and consequently on my nerves. Currently, hyper-planning mode is on HIGH because she's getting married in a few short days. Originally, I said "sure, I'll come", thinking this would be a fun getaway. Since that time--well, if any of you have a MM in your life, you know what happened. Plans got changed and changed again, waaayy too many details and plans and times and schedules... sigh.

Yesterday, I'd had enough. It wasn't just the wedding; there are other things going on as well and I just got to the point where a QLD (see 6/21 post) had to be made. I sent her a message and told her I could not come, apologized profusely, offered to pay for my room if the hotel wouldn't refund the money, everything. She called later in the day and left me a message that was, by turns, guilt-inducing and snarky.

Mind you, she's going to have her hands full with the other 40 or 50 guests that are coming. I probably would have spent, over the 48 hour period, maybe 30 minutes total in her company and the rest of the time on my own as I barely know her family and don't know her husband's family at all. And I wasn't staying for dinner because she changed the wedding time from morning to evening and I had a 5 hour drive home. And I'm not her best friend in the entire world. And this is her 3rd marriage.

I really feel the urge to tell my friend to quit the MM-ing, to get over herself and just fricking relax. Of course I won't, because I'm kinda nice that way. But thank goodness for blogs. I can vent, vent, vent and vent some more.

I feel much better now.


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Robyn said...

Bless your heart. Sometimes life is just too short for people who don't deposit as much as they withdraw, y'know?