Thursday, August 16, 2007


1. Writing. Yes! I'm back in the saddle! I even entered a contest!

2. Weeding my garden. They've taken over like Devil's Snare; it's crazy!

3. Shopping. Believe it or not, because I usually hate to shop. But it's "Back to School" time and every year the bug bites.

4. Reading. Of course.

5. Going to the beach. It's not extremely hot here, but I'd love to go swimming. There's just something about swimming in the lake.

6. Napping in a hammock.

7. Sailing.

8. Going to our local waterpark. Again, being in the water!

9. Doing something artsy-craftsy. I'm feeling the urge.

10. Driving around with all the windows down and the radio UP.

11. Finding a cool restaurant I've never been to before that is on the beach or something cool like that.

12. Taking my dog to the park. I love watching him run.

13. Having fun sex with Sweetheart. Come on, you didn't think I'd leave it out, did you?


1 Comment:

spyscribbler said...

Yay for the writing! My weeds are atrocious. I'm looking forward to a day at the movies on Monday.

I spent the night in a hammock, a few weeks ago. It was heavenly!

Happy TT!