Monday, November 12, 2007

Return of the Terminators

He came baaaack, all right, and infected a whole legion of cover models! Thanks to the lovely Robyn (all hail R! all hail R!), for pointing out these covers to me--without your timely warning, the world would soon be in romantic shambles!


The Boss Terminator

Robyn said if this dude demanded more than a file or some coffee, she was outta there, and I must agree.

...of course, being the secretary to the Antichrist must have some perks, right? Maybe she stayed for the dental plan and couldn't help falling in love.

The Magnate Terminator

"You vill taaake dis riiing! You vill puuut it ooon! Do vhat I saaay or I crush yooouu!"



The Millionaire Terminator

He's calculating, all right. Tax tables and year-end forecasts. He could not look any less interested in making babies with sweetie pie, here.

And for real, what is up with the gold shirt and matching tie??

The Bow Tie Terminator

"Just sign the pre-nup, bitch!"

(aside: what's up with the glowing pen and cufflinks?)

The White Collar Executive Terminator

He's more concerned about having to wear the gold tie and hold a stupid christmas bulb than seducing his secretary (who looks about 20 years older than him, by the way...).

Happy Monday!!


Bernita said...

Oh geeze.
I like the Terminator types.

Robyn said...

"Just sign the pre-nup, bitch!"

I think I peed myself a little. And the last one being 20 years older than her boss? He's not a terminator, he's a Highlander! "Look, bud, for the rest of my life you'll be prettier than me and then you'll go one to some other secretary when I kick off. The least you can do is marry me!"

spyscribbler said...

You crack me up, WriteNow! Ohmigosh, that is too funny. I hate all the gold ties and gold shirts, but The Millionaire Terminator has potential. :-)

The first one and the Bow Tie one? ICK!

StarvingWriteNow said...

I love you guys! And Robyn, thanks again for the tip-off!

Missie said...

What is with all these "Demands"?