Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yes, it's official. My mortgage was approved and I will be "movin' on up" within a few weeks! Hooray for me! Hooray for the house! And all that good stuff. So, in honor of good old Saint Valentine, I've decided to do a nice TT today about my house rather than, considering current circumstances, my opinions on V-day. So the following presents a list of stuff I love about my new, soon-to-be-all-mine house:
1. It's got hardwood floors. They need a little TLC, but nothing I can't handle.
2. It's on a quiet street. Nowhere near as busy as the street where I live now, and they repaved it just last year. Woo hoo!
3. It's conveniently located to school (3 blocks) and Son's Tae Kwon Do (at the end of the street). I can even walk to the grocery store (2 blocks), go to a bar (across from the TKD studio), or run for my life to the police station (located on the street behind me).
4. All the major stuff is relatively new. Don't have to worry about pesky stuff like, say, the hot water heater exploding and taking out the heater and causing a gas leak that sets the whole 'hood on fire...
5. Central air. Oh yeah, baby. Considering the house was built in the 50's, having central air is like winning the lottery around here.
6. It still has some of the 50's retro charm. Like the bathroom still has pink and black tiled walls, mint condition. Arched doorways and a couple of pocket doors. And a lovely teal formica countertop in the kitchen.
7. All appliances included. Joy! Rapture! Even a washer and dryer! And a lawnmower in the garage(which may or may not run, but my dad says he'll "tinker" with it when he visits).
8. Oh yes! A 2-car garage! Yippee! Parking and storage!
9. A bath and a half. Another lottery-winning moment.
10. A full basement. Part of it is even finished.
11. A laundry chute. How cute is that?
12. A nice driveway with a turnaround spot and no storm sewer drain at the bottom (thank goodness).
13. It's all mine. No ghosts of ex wives, or having to check with him before I do something. And I don't ever have to move again if I don't want to.
(insert the theme music from "The Jeffersons" here)


Robyn said...

Your new place sounds so nice! Congrats!

Missie said...

So when do I get to move in?

It's sounds so charming and wonderful. Much happiness to you, SonUnit, and the new abode.

spyscribbler said...

WOW! That's so cool! I WANT that pink and black tiled bathroom.

Congratulations! I hope it brings you much happiness!

Bernita said...

This is wonderful!

Robyn said...


I won't get that song out of my head for days now. I hate you.

StarvingWriteNow said...

moo-ha-ha-haaa! Robyn, that was part of my eeevilll plan!