Thursday, May 22, 2008

With the kickoff of Memorial Day, Summer unofficially begins this weekend. Time for raising flags, parade-going, song-singing and burning dinner to a crisp on the barbeque. I love Summer, and though this one will be in many respects totally different, I still think I can manage to have a nice time...
1. Hiking. I love to walk, and my area does have hiking clubs that are free to "tag on" with.
2. Gardening. I'll be planting like crazy this weekend and watering like a madwoman the rest of the summer, but having fresh tomatoes and beans and all that yumminess is worth it.
3. Mowing the grass. With my reel mower. I'll have arms like Popeye by Fall.
4. Finding new ice cream stands. This activity is of prime importance.
5. Exploring. I told myself that while Son is gone I am going to get to know my city better.
6. Napping. I don't have a hammock, and I don't really have any shade in my yard, but I'll figure out something.
7. Visiting friends. Reconnecting. Making new friends.
8. Bicycling. Lots of trails and destinations around here.
9. Throwing a party. I can do it. I totally rock. Of course if nobody comes that would really suck, but I'll forge ahead with confidence and eat all the snacks myself if I have to (moo!).
10. Going to parties. Hey, I might get invited to one. You never know.
11. Lazing on the beach. There are some lovely beaches along the lake. Yes, I'll wear plenty of sunscreen.
12. Getting out on the water. I may have lost my boat (the Galilee was the one piece of property I felt an ownership of and I miss her--the louse) but I can still go swimming--and maybe hitch a ride on someone else's boat!
13. Discovering restaurants with outside patios. I love eating outside.
How about you? What fun summery things do you like best? Share!


Robyn said...

This summer we'll be doing our best to save money for the move, so that means no big expenditures. Thankfully, the lake is nearby, and free!

We all want to get in better shape, too. Our complex has a pool, so I imagine lots of swimmer's ear and chlorine hair in my immediate future.

StarvingWriteNow said...

Be sure to post pictures of your green hair for all to see, Robyn!

Bernita said...

You need one of those hammocks with the built in shade cover.
Summer I absorb, the scents, the sun, the green, free water, the colours.