Thursday, June 26, 2008


Thanks to Rhonda, I got an idea for this morning's TT. She's got a post over on her Fictionistas site that talks about "If I only knew then...". Ahh, hindsight is always 20-20, and even if we did know, would we really have done differently? It's a muddle folks, but it's fun to wonder(not worrying, just wondering...).

1. If I'd known at 18 that at 41 I would not only not be a published author but not writing at all I would have told all my naysayers to f*** off and pushed myself to that goal. (Don't fret; I haven't completely given up yet.)
2. If I'd known at 31 that I would want another child at 38, I would not have gotten my tubes tied.
3. If I'd known at 22 how much I loved working in a library, I would have gone on for my MLS right there instead of waiting almost 20 years.
4. If I'd known in my teens that I would know myself more fabulous in my forties, I would not have been so worried about the stupid stuff.
5. If I'd known that damned walnut tree was going to permanently scar me, I would have listened to my dad and not climbed it!
6. If I'd known how many opportunities I would miss, I would have started being braver sooner.
7. If I'd known that skin gets more sensitive as one gets older I would avoid situations in which I might wind up with a hickey about the size and shape of Illinois. Yes, right there in front where it's almost impossible to hide. (Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoyed myself--I'm just sayin', lesson learned!)
8. If I'd known how quickly Son would grow up, I'd have invented a time machine or something so I could go back to about age 3 and rock him, hold his hand, and just snuggle up with him every once in a while.
9. If I'd known that trying to "get along" and please everybody all the time would get me exactly nowhere... I think I would have tried to put myself first more often.
10. If I'd known at 33 that a certain alpha guy who wouldn't stop hitting on me was a fabulous kisser (among other things) I don't think I would have waited until 41 to get to know him better.
11. If I'd known what a nightmare my first real boyfriend would turn out to be, I would have avoided him like the plague.
12. If I'd known how much I'd forget over the years, I'd have tried harder to remember--journals, scrapbooks, etc...
13. If I'd known how much fun midlife could be, I'd have been 41 first!!

Time to share--give me an "if only" or two!


Bernita said...

Someone said "life(youth?) is wasted on the young!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

What a fantastic list. But you know what? We know these things now...and there's still plenty of time to get out and live!

Go get those hickies, girl! Try for one shaped like Texas!! LOLOL

Robyn said...

I would have stayed in college.

I would have taken that chance and gone to New York to see if Broadway beckoned.

spyscribbler said...

All my regrets were things outside of my control, mostly that I got sick in my twenties. I wish I had been able to live and go crazy and shake things up more.

All in all, I can't think of anything I had a choice about that I regret.

Oh wait, I swear to God, there was this one man. I am SO MAD at myself for not asking him out. He was Mr. Perfect. I was shy and young, 21.

Missie said...

I want to hear more about the good kisser.