Tuesday, November 25, 2008

(conveniently listed on Wednesday rather than Thursday in order to give youall ample time to consider your options)

I know. Trust me, I KNOW. It's not even Thanksgiving yet! But forewarned is forearmed, I believe, and here at StarvingWriteNow I am thinking of YOU by providing a handy list of must-haves that will make you the hit of this holiday season:

1. A Leg Lamp Nightlight. Everyone, and I mean EVERYone, needs one of these in their home.
2. A Pogo Stick. After you get back from the ER (with 19 stitches in your head from walloping it on the ceiling) this will make a lovely trellis for your clematis vines.
3. An Easy Bake Oven. Go retro! Revisit your childhood!
4. Car Antlers. Even the car can use a little Christmas.
5. Pole Dancing DVD. A nice accompaniment to that "Flirty Girl Fitness" set I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.
6. A Light-Up Dog Sweater. Yes. Find Fido anywhere with his light-up frock.
7. The Official, Limited Edition Star Trek Pez Dispenser Set. Come on, who wouldn't want to eat candy from Mr. Spock's head? And they're collector's items! It says so on the box!
8. A Back Hair Shaver. Just imagine the labor-saving possibilities of this little doohickey.
9. Pro Wine Opener. Corkscrews are SO yesterday.
10. Pet Treat Filled Ornaments. Only for those pet owners who believe that Fido isn't capable of smelling doggie treats through plastic and demolishing the whole tree to get to them.
11. Talking Scale. I wonder if these can be programmed to say stuff like "Holy F***! You're getting fat!" or "Damn, you're fine, baby."
12. Wireless Luggage Locator. Annoy everyone in baggage claim with one of these babies!
13. Disney Villains 5 Piece Desk Set. I totally could go for the Cruella stapler, myself.

Have fun shopping, and share any groovy gift ideas with me in comments!!


spyscribbler said...

Can I tell you how much I wanted an Easy Bake Oven? So much, I almost bought one the other year. I still want to try it!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

ROFL--dude, that is awesome. I don't think I ever got an easy bake oven, either!

I'm dying laughing at your talking scale thing, though. HAHAHA