Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yes, it's happening again this weekend. I will--gasp!--be another year older. But I will also be:

1. Another year wiser. (snort!)
2. One full year in my house. (Huzzah!)
3. More beautiful. ( I age like that fine red wine, you know.)

The last year has had hardships, like:

4. The whole FS thing.
5. Money woes.
6. Son breaking his leg.

But there were also blessings, like:

7. I got accepted to Grad school.
8. Son and I were happy (mostly) and healthy (mostly).
9. I started dating a really wonderful man.

So when I hit 42 on Saturday, what will I wish for?

10. Continued health, happiness, good looks (snort!) and sanity.
11. Increased skill with juggling jobs, family, relationship and school.
12. All the love I can hold, and
13. Swiss Fudge Cookies from Stella d'Oro.

(Kudos to any of you who remember that commercial!)

What wishes for your birthdays will you have this year?


Missie said...

Happy happy day, my friend. And may New Guy get you some Good Cookies.

revetter said...

happy birthday beth...
the farmer's young daughter has now become a silver foxx ;)

StarvingWriteNow said...

Will definitely get cookies. Perhaps tea and crumpets as well.

And I am no silver fox--I have a close and personal relationship with Lady L'Oreal!