Saturday, July 15, 2006

Today is my deadline to finish my novel.

While I'd like to be pulling out the confetti and the Cuervo, the reality is that it is so not happening.

I was on a roll there for a while. I was writing every day, spitting out new chapters and scenes... and I even entered my first three chapters into a contest.

But for some reason--well, likely lots of reasons--the bottom fell out of my motivation. My middle is sagging, my character's relationship is in trouble (not for them, for ME!) and I've had a few moments where I think I should just say f*** it and forget about writing altogether.

Oh, the joys of being creative and a Pisces at the same time. It's like being pulled in 16 different directions at the same time while listening to a litany of 'you're not that good, you'll never finish'.

I think it's a good story that wants to be told. I feel Pete and Meredith (my main characters) tapping me on the shoulder and saying 'come on, lady, finish us!' I feel a hundred other plots brewing that want to be told.

This morning I am meeting one of my writing friends for a challenge; our group calls it Book In A Week. Basically you set a week aside and do nothing but write in every spare moment. I'm sincerely hoping my juices get flowing again; I only need 30,000 words or so!