Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well, I'll probably get roasted over this blog, but here goes anyway.

In my new job at the library, I am surrounded by children. Good because they're so curious about everything and they (usually) appreciate any help you can give them. Not so good when the crying/screaming/kicking fits echo through the entire department and all the way out the front doors.

But I digress.

In addition to children, I'm surrounded by mothers. Some fathers too, of course, but I'd say mothers make up 3/4 of the daily parent squad. Good because they're bringing their children to storytime and checking out materials. Not so good when they're engaging in behaviors that should be done in a more private location.

Like, for example, changing your infant's diaper in the middle of storytime. Granted, it wasn't a poop filled one, but still--we have a large bathroom with a changing table available in the department. Use it, people!!!!!!

Then there are the breast feeders. Having had a child of my own, I can fully appreciate the fact that when infants are hungry, they want to be fed right NOW. To that purpose, breast feeding is pretty darned convenient. And to their credit, most women that I have observed breast feeding in a public location are pretty subtle about it. They will cover up with a flannel blanket or something so that the world doesn't have to see their baby on the boob, sucking for his life.

However, there was a woman last week who not only didn't cover up, but actually approached the desk with the kid latched on and asked a question. To be frank, that's pushing the ick factor up a notch. I mean, if you want to breast feed in public, go ahead! But out of courtesy for the other 99 million people of the world who DON'T want to see your child latched on to your naked, engorged, veiny breast, cover up for God's sake!

Okay, bring on the critics!

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spy scribbler said...

LOLOL ... No, I agree. The breast is considered 'naked' in our culture. Whether or not it should be is a different matter; now it's a reality. So it's difficult not to look at the cute little baby and not feel like you're staring at her naked breast, and that you shouldn't be.

Not looking at her feels like you're doing the wrong thing, too. It's all so awkward.

I agree. The blanket is the thing to do, until all our beaches and pools are topless.