Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From The Losing To The Judging

Well, I've dusted myself off and read my critique pages. Some of the advice was on target; some questions/criticisms came from not having more than 30 pages to read; some q/c were like...Huh??

For example, when I mentioned a scandal in my opening conversation between my heroine and her mother the critiquer asked in the margin; 'Is she pregnant?' I'm like, what??? I had thought I'd made it pretty clear that the scandal was over her inter-office romance with a married man. Pregnancy wasn't even close!!

I'm still dissatisfied with my experience, but I think I will try again at some point. I'll just chalk this one up to experience and move on.

Right into the judges chair!! I volunteered a couple of months ago to do preliminary judging for a writer's contest my RWA chapter is having. I got my submissions for the historical romances a couple of days ago.

Now, I've told myself to read each submission 2-3 times before I make any real comments. I've read them all once, and have written down some first impressions on a separate paper. It's really amazing what a range of submissions I have. Most have good, pretty unique ideas, and you can tell they've done some research to support what they've written. Some could, with rewrites, be good stories. Some others, unless they get a writing coach, will be headed for the trash.

But so far I am enjoying having the power. (moo-ha-ha-haaa!!!) I can circle and X and put those really annoying questions down if I want to. I probably won't, because I don't want to deflate the poor authors before they've had a chance. But I can dream, can't I?


spy scribbler said...

I'm so impressed at the entries I got to judge. I'm dying for one of them to get published someday. It has two huge problems, but I really hope she hears and sees those two big problems and fixes them, because I think she'd get published.

It's too bad they don't keep up updated on their careers!

spy scribbler said...

Oooh ... do those comments really deflate? I don't want to deflate! I want to inspire!

I put questions, but I also tried to put an equal number of arrows that say stuff like, "that's vivid!" or "great sentence!"