Friday, September 15, 2006

Well, the results are in! And.... (drum roll please...)

I didn't make the final cut!

On one hand, I'm bummed; who wouldn't be? On the other, I'm just... ambivalent, I guess. I think it took so long, and with all the "you're out, no wait you're in" drama I just got played out.

I think what I'm most disappointed in is the fact that only two of my four copies have any comments attached, and out of those two only one has written comments, suggestions... the other is mostly blank with just the score sheet filled in.

Did I get what I wanted out of it? Not especially. Would I do it again? I don't know. Right now I am in a no-writing funk (not a good place to be) and between juggling full-time employment and home life and getting that fall "nesting" urge, I haven't written much. And I haven't really cared, either. Hopefully the burn will return. Part of me, however, is saying "Hey, if you aren't writing, you can do all the other crap you want to do." And that part of me has a point, too.

Ah well. Time for a beer. Maybe some TV since I have the remote to myself tonight. I'll think about all this again tomorrow.

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spy scribbler said...

Are you judging for our chapter contest? Any other things that drive you crazy about judges? I've been trying to read each entry three times. I'll definitely give comments on each one. What strikes me is how GOOD the entries are, but not yet publishable.

I'm sorry about the contest. Keep writing, though! I know it's hard, just keep pushing. Just think of how awesome you'll feel when it's done! Wanna come write with me on Friday or Saturday?