Thursday, October 12, 2006

Isn't it ironic...

Oh irony, sweet, wicked irony. I received a letter from son's school administrators yesterday. It's the latest plea, complete with passive threats that if the levy doesn't pass, an extensive list of items, including bus transport, lunch plans, sports and so on will be cut.

I almost threw it out, but then the first sentence caught my attention: You are receiving this letter because your child rides the bus to school.

Really? He rides the bus? Funny... I dropped him off at school today because you informed me my child was NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BUS TRANSPORT because we live one mile or less from school. You mean he could have been riding the bus all this time??

(In case you can't tell, I was kind of steamed.)

I almost threw it away again when a second item caught my eye: The district is currently operating with a 4.9 million dollar deficit.


My kettle began to bubble. I wrote a fabulous letter to our superintendent, correcting his misconceptions about my son's school transport (He crosses a four lane, busy main street on his way to school while a half-empty bus passes him by) and asking him who, exactly, was minding the cash register for the district. Assuring him that though I'd vote yes because I want son to have a good education, I had some grave concerns over his administration's budgeting skills.

Full of my literary genius, I put the letter in the mailbox.

Move ahead to this morning...

I forgot to give son lunch money and decided to stop at school to drop it off on my way to work. As I was leaving the office the secretary asked, "Would you be willing to put this sign in your yard on election day to support our school?"

I bit my literary genius tongue and said, "Sure, I will."

Oh, irony, sweet, wicked irony.