Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Rituals

There are certain things in my life that must be done on Sundays. It's not that I purposely planned them that way or anything. They just sort of... evolved over time and now I have my routine and I simply hate having it disrupted.

Part one of the Sunday Ritual begins Saturday night. We try and shut the cats out of the bedroom because if we don't, they're climbing all over us at 5 am looking for breakfast. So if we manage to shut them out, and they don't manage to claw their way back in at some point, we can actually sleep in a bit.

Part two consists of coffee in bed, with the paper. I take the ads, sweetheart takes the front page. It's a comfortable, relaxing hour and a simply fabulous way to wake up.

Then there's the crossword. Since it's getting on cold weather again, my brain starts crying for stimulation and the Sunday crossword fits the bill. I do it in pen, just because, and I don't give up on it until about Wednesday.

And the housecleaning. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but for some reason I always have the urge to clean on that day.

Cooking is a must. I try and make something from scratch on Sundays. I love puttering in the kitchen and filling the house with (hopefully) good smells. I try to experiment with Thanksgiving every year, just for the heck of it. New recipes, new desserts, new tummy aches.

And, of course, old movies. Usually I have to arm wrestle sweetheart for control of the remote, but once I have it I can point and click to my heart's content.

Anyone else have a Sunday routine?


Jill said...

The most important thing is the locking out of the dog from the bedroom on Saturday night, lol, for the sleep in on Sunday ... Unfortunately we can't lock out the kids ...

Dru Ann said...

Doing the laundry and then grocery shopping and then the rest of the day is mine, all mine.

spy scribbler said...

Ohmigod, that sounds completely awesome!!! Sunday is my 13 hour work day, though. :-(

Someday, maybe I'll have a Sunday, too! I want one!