Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On author Jill Shalvis' blog site there is a photograph of what she calls the "tool drawer" in her kitchen.

It's full of candy, donettes... all sorts of junky stuff.

And I'm simply jealous. Why didn't I think of that? I don't have a "tool" drawer. I have a junk drawer. You know what it's got in it?

Batteries, all sizes. Pens and pencils, most of which are broken or empty. Scissors and glue and paperclips and rubber bands. A flat and a philips. A pack of those tiny replacement lights for christmas bulb strings that I never use because it's easier to just throw the stupid things out and buy new. All the warranty cards for all the appliances I never sent in. A sharpie and a highlighter and a chunky black marker. Matches and one of those aim-and-flame thingies. Hooks and screws and nails and picture hangers. Pet mitts and string and broken crystals from the chandelier in the dining room. Oh, and some dirt, hair, and an m&m. (No, I don't know how it got in there.) And the m&m does not count because it's got dirt and hair on it.

I'm sitting here shaking my head over the sheer genius of the tool drawer. It's like Mecca for creative people. Stop here and recharge your creativity with SUGAR!!! Remember, inspiration is only a donette away!! I need to make a tool drawer of my own. What would I fill it with, you ask?

Hmm... mmm...

Krispy Kremes. Hershey's chocolate with almonds. Peeps. Candy necklaces and pixie sticks. Necco wafers. A huge jar of hard candy. Some of those chocolate and marshmallow lollipops my blogging pal Spyscribbler was moaning over. Oh, and those chocolate covered mint candies, and the jordan almonds you get at weddings, and a can or two of Emerald nuts.

Great, now I'm drooling.


spy scribbler said...

I answered you over at my blog, but thought I'd better answer you here!

Okay, the links are easy. Just highlight the text that you want to have a link to, and click on that little green world button that has a paperclip over it. (It's between the italic button and the quotation mark button.) A little window pops up, and then just type in (or copy and paste) the the web address you want to link to.

For the astrological sign, you just enter your birthdate in your profile (click Edit Profile on your Dashboard), and it will calculate and display your astrological sign for you!

spy scribbler said...

Candy necklaces!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!