Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shopping, when you're not doing it for yourself, is exhausting.

I have a budget where I work, and recently discovered that there was far more money left than I thought. Even more fun, I have to spend it before the cut off date!

So I've spent the last two days looking up products, reading reviews, and deciding whether or not to buy.

Okay, I enjoy shopping, but this is ridiculous. Looking up cd after cd after cd after cd--I wound up with 66 cds in my amazon cart yesterday. I've never had a shopping cart that full. I've certainly never purchased that many cds! And we haven't even looked at the audiobooks yet!

This ordinarily might be fun, but I've only got a couple of weeks to finish my ordering. It's not much time, and the pressure is on. My eyes were actually burning from looking at the computer screen so much yesterday, and from examining the endless catalogs.

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you're all soooo sorry for me. Bring on the "awww's" and the "poor baby's". I can take it.