Monday, November 20, 2006


As you may know (or not), there's a nifty little website out there with some of the weirdest, grooviest stuff on the planet. The website is found at Go take a look!

Right now Archie is running a contest for websites and bloggers. Make a christmas list out of items from his website, link each item back to his website, then send him a link to your site to look at it. If he picks your list, you win all the items on the list! So here goes:

My Archie McPhee Christmas List

1. Horrified B Movie Victims
2. Blackbeard's Flag
3. Parasite Pals Bedbug
4. Chicken Chucker
5. Itty Bitty Rubber Chickens (for the chicken chucker)
6. What Would a Pirate Do Spinner
7. Cocktail Clock
8. Lil' Edgar Figure
9. Devil Duckie
10. The Illustrated Librarian Tattoos

Can't wait to see what's in my stocking! What did you pick?