Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First and foremost, thanks for responding to my blog name request. After some additional surfing around the company website, I realized that the blog space isn't going to be anything like my blogspot one. My "name" will only be a small blip at the bottom of my blog entry, and the big title spot is reserved for what I call my blog entry. So my blogging name is simple: StoryTeller, because that's what I do.

This arrangement does leave me with possibilities, though, I can get super creative with my titles for my posts! Hmm... (evil thoughts brewing)

Anyhow, we got a grand total of 7 kids for Halloween. Apparently our street wasn't a hot spot. But son came home from his sojourn, mask falling apart, brand new shoes soaking wet (grrr) with a nice stash. Sweetie met him at the door with "Hey look! The candy's home!"