Saturday, November 04, 2006

Okay, so what's the problem with hair?

Just asking. I mean, I have been, am currently, and will always be a fan of body hair on a man. I truly do not understand why a woman, in a romance novel or not, would prefer a smooth guy over a hairy one. There's something, to me, just so oogy about a guy with no hair on his chest.

Let's draw some lines here. I'm not into the guys that are so hairy they could pass for apes. I don't like it when a man has a carpet on his back as well as his chest. I may like the tuft of hair sticking out of the FRONT of a guys shirt, but not the back. And really hairy knuckles just kind of freak me out. But chest hair, arm hair, leg hair... grrr!!!!

It's just so damned fun to play with, okay???

The funny thing is, I am not a fan of facial hair. I don't mind shaggy eyebrows, but I have never been a huge fan of beards, and I absolutely hate goatees. I do not understand the whole concept of a goatee. Is he trying to look like a goat? Or can he not decide between a beard and nothing?

I realize goatees are popular right now. I expect to get some flack for this.

Anyway, time to return to my sweetie. And, yes, he has a nice crop of chest hair(thank goodness!).