Friday, December 08, 2006


The party is 36 hours away! The house is still dirty, I still don't have prizes for the dumb--but fun--games we play every year, and I have no idea what I'm serving for food.

This is not a good way to end the week.


Honey said...

Good luck with the party. :) Is it a holiday party? If all else fails, I suggest handing out candy canes and calling them "Santa's blind reindeer who lost thier antlers for winter", so you don't have to glue eyes on and form those pipe cleaners into antlers. Er, but I guess that's not very PC, huh? :)

At any rate, hope you have fun!

spyscribbler said...

Events and parties are like the theater. Remember Shakespeare in Love? It's SO true! No matter how many things go wrong, how many things left to get done ... it'll all come together. It's a mystery!

Best of luck! And I hope you get to have lots of fun!

Jill said...

Party? Sounds fun!