Monday, December 11, 2006


Whew! The party is over and I can go back to my holiday panic mode. I haven't done anything, which is so unlike me. Normally by now I have my Christmas cards out, my baking done, all my presents wrapped... not this year, baby. I have the tree up, but that's as far as it goes.

But, disorganization aside, the party was fun. It amazes me too how adults will enjoy party games after they've had a few. We did some pretty low-key ones this year; Christmas Song Trivia and mixed up song titles, and a variation on musical chairs called Holiday Hugs: you call out numbers and people have to hug together in groups of that number. Anyone who doesn't get a group gets kicked out, and the last group wins a prize. This was actually pretty funny to watch a bunch of grownups flocking together in groups of six or four or five.

We had lovely prizes this year. My personal favorite was the dashboard hula girl I picked up at Target; she bobbles around in her little grass skirt as you drive along. Then we had the decision maker key chain (kind of like a magic 8 ball) that you would ask questions, press the answer button and the lights flash and whirl and settle on various answers. So you ask it, "Should I go to work today, or go to the bar?" It flashes and whirls and finally settles on "You Bet!" or "No Way!" or something. Very cute.

Do you have grownup games at your parties? Do you play party games if they have them? What is your favorite one?


Jill said...

We play a lot of games here, the one that usually is the most wild and fun is Scruples. Ever played that one? Also scattegories can get LOUD.

spyscribbler said...

I love games! I thought of you over the weekend. I'm so glad the party went off well! We have all our shopping done, but we don't have the wrapping done. Or the cleaning. Or my yearly get-it-together-before-the-new-year organization spree.

About that 8 ball, have you seen that 20 questions game? It asks 20 yes or no questions, and it manages to guess what you're thinking of! It's pretty amazing that it works!