Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is there anyone out there in the world besides me who has tornado dreams?

I've had them since I was a young girl. Not regularly, and never really the same dream. As I reached adulthood and put some psychology classes under my belt I acknowledged that these dreams are likely a response to stress in my life, and usually I can find a reason (or ten) why I had the dream, thinking about it after the fact.

Probably everybody has some sort of stress dream. I realize my dreams are probably no different than any others.

But the weird thing about them is that, over the years, the tornadoes have gotten closer. And I'm just a little freaked out about that.

Seriously. When I first started having them the tornadoes were on the horizon. Far away, and I was merely an observer. Perfectly safe, no biggie. The dream I had last night, on the other hand, was severe. Dark skies, more than one tornado, I could see them coming, I was trying to get everyone in my vicinity into a cellar and no one wanted to come but my son and my dog. I could hear the wind rising and shrieking--this is a first--and I could see the thing right outside the cellar window. And when it was gone, I went up the stairs and realized half of my house was gone. So was my dog, which was very distressing in the dream. (Son was okay, in case you're interested.)

So I'm laying in bed this morning, thinking to myself, why do they keep getting closer? Why do the dreams seem more real each time? What if, one of these dreams, I don't get inside in time? What if I'm sucked away? Will that be the end of the dreams? Will I die?

Comments/opinions are, as always, appreciated. (Well, except for those 'you're off your f--ing rocker ones... thanks, I already know that.)


Robyn said...

I have ones about driving a car on a road that suddenly gets really, really steep. Like straight up ninety degrees steep. And it has grown and taken different directions over the years to include my kids in the back seat and a bridge that just ends, like the one in Speed.

We're both off our effing rockers.

spyscribbler said...

Wow. I don't have those. I guess I stay awake, and obsessively think the same worries/thoughts over and over and over. I don't sleep all night when I'm stressed.