Monday, April 23, 2007

The weekend was a blast. I had a great time reconnecting with my writer pals, and I even got some plotting and actual writing done.

Yes!! Actual Writing!!

I feel much better after that weekend away, ready to take on just about anything. So in the spirit of all that creative stuff, I present:

Monday Sparks #6

"What do you mean, you're allergic?"


StarvingWriteNow said...

"What do you mean, you're allergic?"

He stood there, holding a fistful of leather straps that, apparently, he'd been intending to fasten to various parts of my anatomy. Considering exactly what parts he had in mind made me feel like fainting. And I'm not the fainting type.

It was lame. It was truly uninspired. But I was desperate. There was no way in hell I was letting a guy I'd only dated three times--dates that hadn't gone anywhere near the bedroom, I might add--do bondage practice on my lily-white behind. Or anywhere else.

"Oh, yes, terribly so," I said. "It's something about the curing process, some chemical they use. I break out in hives as big as oranges. The last time I had to be rushed to the hospital and everything."

He looked stumped for a minute. Then he brightened.

"I've got some chains around here somewhere. Hang on and I'll get them."


spyscribbler said...

Oh YES! The weekend was awesome!

Now what inspired this spark? Huh???? *grins*

I love the twist. This is my favorite flash of yours, so far!