Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Sparks #3

A fashion magazine editor is headed to a runway show when her cab collides with a hot dog stand.


StarvingWriteNow said...

Strange how time slows when you're not having fun. Sandy could see it all, frame by frame: the cab swerving to miss the bicyclist, the jump to the curb, the shining silver of the vendor cart. Harry's Hots, $2.25, the bulging eyes of Harry, round as saucers as the cab barreled into his cart. Hot dogs, buns and condiments shooting into the air like rockets, splatting down with impunity. And her hands, trying to roll the window back up, that same one she'd stupidly rolled down because it was a nice afternoon. Her hands, pulling and pushing. Then bright strings of mustard and ketchup slapping against the glass, her hands, her dry-clean-only silk suit, her hair, her face. Then a hot dog bounced into the cab and landed smack in her lap, pointing upward like a skinny brown erection.

Great. Just great.

Robyn said...

HA! Fabulous. I tend to hate fashion in any capacity, so I'll bow out of this one.

Ellen said...

Funny, SWN! LOL.

I'm a day late and a dollar short, but...

Trixie's empty stomach did flip-flops when the cab launched up and over the curb. She tried to scream but between the vaseline on her teeth to keep the lipstick off and the five layers of lipstick, she couldn't get her mouth open before the collision occurred.

When the cab finally came to a stop, Trixie pulled the hair out of her face and saw a green and white striped umbrella on the windshield. She unbuckled and stepped out of the car on wobbley legs. Luckily, she was used to walking on stilleto heels.

A sunbeam lit the sidewalk where dozens of hot dogs layered the ground. And for her, the sun really did come out.

She was HUNGRY. She hadn't eaten since 2004, except for a salad or two. Forget the shoot. She needed food. She ignored the jaw-dropped expressions of everyone around her as she started shoving one dog after another into her mouth, without a care for her smearing lipstick.