Friday, June 22, 2007

Eight things about me (also known as Tag! You're It!)

Yes, folks, Rhonda tagged me this week to reveal eight things about me. So here are eight things about me that I'm sure will amaze, shock, fascinate and delight:

1. I can tell apple trees apart by their bark. (Amazing!)
2. I used to be a dog trainer. (Fascinating!)
3. Once I went for six months without shaving my legs. (Shocking!)
4. I can cook a turkey on an outdoor grill. (Delightful!)
5. I am the only child out of five that my father named. (Fascinating!)
6. I was cracking jokes during labor. (Shocking!)
7. My first favorite song was "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" by Steely Dan. (Delightful!)
8. I can cross my toes. (Amazing!)

Okay, anyone who reads this, consider yourself TAGGED. (muuhahahaaaa!)


Rhonda Stapleton said...

Nice ones! I love Steely Dan... :D

Thank you for playing!!!

Robyn said...

No way. I've done this one twice.

Six months, eh? I thought I held the record at three!

spyscribbler said...

I'm pretty sure I had a three year no-shave, once.

But I have never crossed my toes. WOW!