Thursday, June 21, 2007


What's a QLD, you ask? Simple. A QLD is a Quality of Life Decision. I think my girlfriend Gina actually coined that phrase when she was fed up with her (now former) in-laws, and it stuck with me. There's a point in everyone's life, I believe, when they start to QLD. Maybe when they get past wanting to impress others; maybe when they recognize their mortality, I don't know. For me it had something to do with turning 40. Where the fear of saying "Hell, NO!" kind of dissipated in the face of age, experience and wisdom. So allow me to share a few I've made; some are silly, some are not. Some are still pending, some are absolute:

1. Since I love eating and like to drink, I must exercise in order to maintain some kind of figure.
2. Though exercise is something I abhor, the fact of the matter is I'm getting older and I need to do it (also, see #1).
3. I have absolutely no desire to learn to skydive, fly an airplane or drive a motorcycle.
4. I'm not a grade-A super duper housekeeper. Deal with it.
5. I will always need a cat in my life. (Or two, or three...)
6. Writing, though a passion, is not a priority. Therefore starting today I'm relegating it to the "Hobby" category. (At least until my next big "ah-ha!" moment comes along...)
7. I really do have better things to do with my time than nag people.
8. Steering clear of work-related drama is always the wiser course.
9. There is no shame whatsoever in keeping a flotation device in hand when in the lake/bay.
10. Recycling is a pain in the ass. I do it anyway.
11. There are certain chores that can always wait for another day. Like vacuuming. Or weeding the garden.
12. There are certain chores that should never wait. Like cleaning the litterbox. Or finding out why your car is suddenly going 'ka-chunk ka-chunk'. (No, not my new car. Just generally speaking here.)
13. I'm going to keep saying "I love you" to my Son no matter how embarrassed he gets.

There's more, of course, lots more. Feel free to share any QLD's you've made!


Rhonda Stapleton said...

GREAT post. And so important--I think I'd do well to do a QLD, myself!!

Robyn said...

Number 4. Absolutely number 4. Somehow, I have yet to learn that it is totally okay for me to NOT be my mother.