Monday, July 30, 2007

Counting Down Again

Yep, it's the final days before Son returns from summer vacation. In thinking about it this morning, I've realized that so many things in my life are on a countdown kind of basis. For instance:

It's 3 days before I pick up Son.
It's 7 days before football practice starts.
It's 37 days before school starts.
It's 63 days before summer is officially "over" (but just ask anyone; summer's really over when school starts).
It's 101 days until Halloween.
It's 123 days until Thanksgiving.
It's 156 days until Christmas.
It's 163 days until 2008.

Put down on the blog like that, 2008 doesn't seem so far away, does it? Those 163 days are going to fly by, I guarantee it.



spyscribbler said...

Isn't that the truth? Time goes way too fast.

Robyn said...

Right now I'm just counting the days until vacation. FOUR!