Thursday, July 05, 2007


1. Catching fireflies.
2. Listening to bullfrogs croaking in the creek late at night.
3. Wading and swimming in the creek, totally oblivious to all the critters living in the water.
4. Catching pollywogs, crayfish, minnows and baby turtles.
5. Sleeping out on our porch, or in the orchard. (Mosquitoes? What mosquitoes?)
6. Fireman's Field Days. Like a carnival, with parades and rides and stuff--also the biggest social event of the summer.
7. Cotton candy on a stick that got EVERYWHERE.
8. Going to the beach. This was a real treat because we were farmers and there was TONS of stuff to do during summer. Getting away from it for a day was heaven.
9. Going to market. Of course, I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning, but once we got there, got set up and the people started coming it was lively and fun.
10. Having to work while my friends just "hung out". I didn't like it, but in retrospect it was a good thing.
11. Fresh vegetables and fruit we picked ourselves. I remember one year we had 7 different gardens planted. (Weeding, weeding, and still more weeding...)
12. The growl of a tractor taking my dad out into the orchard--sometimes before daylight.
13. Kittens. It seemed like we had a batch every summer, one way or the other. And they were all so darned cute!

Looking at this list, I'm having a moment. I had a really different childhood than my son is having. If you believe society and the media, life today is better than it ever was. We've got a gadget for everything, after all. And while that's nice and all, I miss the simple pleasures of mine, and it's kinda sad knowing that my son won't experience most of what I did. Sigh...