Monday, July 09, 2007

Love It, Hate It

Thanks once again to Snarkling Clean, I have a blog idea. Seriously, I don't know where I'd be without those two ladies...

I love going on vacation.
I hate all the preparation.

I love picking out pretty things to wear on vacation.
I hate trying on my clothes and realizing half the stuff I picked out doesn't currently fit--like I've got major muffin top going on, you know?

I love riding to the airport--the anticipation is huge.
I hate waiting 900 years in line after line at the airport.

I love taking off, seeing the ground disappear.
I hate lame airline snacks. (Oh, I sure do eat them, though. Like a lion on a zebra carcass.)

I love getting to the hotel/resort/wherever and flinging myself down on the bed/beachtowel/bar and realizing I don't have to go home for 3/7/10 days.
I hate when about halfway through vacation I start missing home.

I love getting home after a vacation--it's like a huge relief.
I hate getting home after a vacation because it's OVER.

**interesting side note here; we were just informed today that our vacation plans have been radically changed--not our fault but the boats fault--and we now, five days and counting, have to make the dreaded OTHER ARRANGEMENTS. What a mess.

Can't think of a Monday Sparks. Oh well. It'll just have to wait.

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Robyn said...

Vacations are supposed to get you de-stressed, right? As if. It's just the same stress in a more interesting place.