Monday, August 13, 2007

School days, school daze...

My boss and I are 'kinda' the same age (all right, all right she's younger than me by 3 years! happy now??) and today we were reminiscing about school and these are some of the things I remember:

The bathroom stall doors had no locks on them. Most of them you had to hold closed with one hand while you took care of business. I remember avoiding certain bathrooms no matter what because all the girl 'heads' hung out in them and smoked and it was like walking into a fog.

Sitting down at a desk and feeling the grit of cleanser on the surface. Those janitors didn't have time to rinse, baby.

I once went into the boys bathroom because my sister heard something bad was on the wall in there about her and asked me to. I think it was some lame "if you want a good time" thing. I scribbled it out. No, I didn't get caught.

I remember fifth grade vividly, probably because we had 3 elementaries combine into one middle school and I hardly knew anybody anymore. One memory that really sticks out is being in the locker room in gym class and having two girls named Terry and Dorothy ask me if I was wearing a bra yet. This was serious in 5th grade--if you weren't wearing a bra you were a baby. I think I lied. I don't remember anything but feeling threatened.

Did any of you all get your bra snapped in middle or high school? I can remember boys talking away about it but they never did it. (Sweetheart just told me he remembers doing it 'a couple of times'. Probably more like a coupla dozen.)

I remember seeing my sister making out on the bus with a boy and being totally SHOCKED. I might even have gasped out loud. I mean, she was only in 7th! (I know, kids are practically grandmothers by 7th grade nowadays...)

I can remember a boy named Tommy Hubbard asking me to 'go with' him in 6th grade. I was like, hell no! Turned out he became Mr. Popular later on. If I'd only have known.

I can remember this high school guy named Bob who used to sit with me on the afternoon bus almost every day (they picked up the MS first, then the HS). He was nice and cute as can be but probably five years older than me, anyway. I got a certain cachet because "the cute guy" sat with me all the time.

What do you remember about those dear old golden rule days? Share!


spyscribbler said...

Did you have that hand soap? The awful pink or white powder? I hated that stuff!

StarvingWriteNow said...

I think it was liquid and always leaked everywhere and it was completely OOGY.