Wednesday, September 19, 2007

As reminded by the divas, today is a most auspicious occasion: International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I shall be celebrating at work with an evening family storytime devoted to all things pirate (we're even making a plank to walk!) with my pal and department mascot, Poe. He's a Labrador Retriever puppet that goes into all the storytimes and programs and stuff.

For your reference pleasure, here's some fun pirate words/phrases to sprinkle into your conversations today:

Gang way
Me beauty
Me bucko
Well, I'll be hornswoggled!
Shiver me timbers
Aye, aye!
Ahoy, mateys!
You lily-livered bilge rat!

Have a great day, mateys, or you'll walk the plank! Yo-ho, yo-ho!

1 Comment:

Robyn said...

Did you see Pirates of the Caribbean? It's rated ARRRRR!

(joke from my son)

Avast, ye scabrous dogs!