Thursday, September 20, 2007

As of this Sunday, September 23, fall begins! So get out your jackets and sweaters, folks, and get ready to rake them leaves! There's something about fall for everyone to love; I've named my faves below:
1. Apples. I grew up on an apple farm so fall was the reward for working hard the rest of the year.
2. Leaves turning colors. Red, yellow, orange, brown, trees aflame, drifts of color.
3. That nip in the air, even on warm days.
4. Son's football games. I don't go much for professional sports, but I'll yell my head off for him.
5. Harvest festivals. They're everywhere; go to one!!
6. Picking out a pumpkin. This is a very important job, requiring a discerning eye and muscles on your muscles to get the thing in the car. Usually Sweetheart handles this.
7. Picking out Indian corn and other decorations. I like decorating the house for the seasons; it makes everything seem more festive and fun.
8. Raking leaves. Until the first blister, that is.
9. Jumping in leaf piles. Throwing the dog in the leaf pile then watching him run in big circles before he launches himself in again.
10. Putting on long pants, a jacket and/or sweater. Beyond covering those unsightly bumps and bulges, it just feels so snuggly.
11. Feeling the urge to cook and bake again. Comfort food ranks high here.
12. Halloween. Though the true significance has long been buried under rafts of princess and power ranger costumes, it's still goofy and (mostly) harmless fun.
13. Piling more blankets on the bed. Then snuggling under those blankets. Then feeling one, two, three sets of feline paws land on said blankets. Then being trapped by those felines in one position because I don't want to disturb them when they're snuggling me and purring and looking so contented...
Fall rocks.


Robyn said...

So with you on the baking thing. I have my mini-loaf pans waiting; I love to bake pumpkin and banana bread for everybody.

spyscribbler said...

Oh man, I just love fall! I love the sleeping, the snuggling under covers during the cool nights.

Happy TT!

Bernita said...

Does seem to trigger that primitive urge to store up and preserve, to make secure.
But the light fades in fall and that makes me sad...