Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Thanks to all the folks who stopped by yesterday to visit my imperiled heroes. What a fun post that was to make! (well... except for the pictures going everywhere but where I wanted them to at first...)

I enjoyed this foray into cover snarkdom immensely. Of course now, since I've "been there, done that" it's going to get tough. I have more covers saved, and I have some ideas for themes, so I'll keep the snark fires burning as long as my creativity lasts. I think I'll try to keep a weekly post (probably monday) and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, if you see a cover that should not be missed, let me know!


1 Comment:

spyscribbler said...

We like you however you are. Snark one day, not on the next. :-)

Covers ... there's been some great ones, but I saw (a few months ago) a trend towards some of those awful covers. Yuck!