Thursday, September 27, 2007

(and if you do one of these, hats off to you!)
1. School Bus Driver. All that screaming, and that stinky kid funk, and then if someone pukes...
2. Freighter Captain. These guys have to seriously plan ahead--no stopping on a dime.
3. Water Rescue. I'm too big a chicken to jump out of a helicopter into a raging sea. So sue me.
4. School Janitor. Same as the bus driver.
5. Cafeteria Lady. Same as the bus driver.
6. Telemarketer. I actually did this job once for 3 months. I hated it every day.
7. Fireman. Go in that burning building? Are you crazy??
8. Professional skydiving team. Major chicken! Plus, I'd never trust my chute would open.
9. Meat processing plant. Gag. And gag some more.
10. Forge worker. How do you stand that awful heat?
11. Miner. No working in a hole 2 miles down, thank you.
12. Submarine duty. And no working way under water, either.
13. Semi truck driver. Though meeting those "Trick My Truck" guys would be a hoot.
What job out there is beyond you? Share!


Rhonda Stapleton said...

ROFL--you listed SO many of the ones I couldn't do...

Ello said...

Chicken sexer - have you seen what they have to do? and the stench of chickens! Ugh!

Bernita said...

You found ONLY thirteen?
For me they are legion...