Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Page Paralysis

I stopped writing last year--wait, no, I went on hiatus, that's it--

Anyhow, it is the new year. Full of new challenges, new promises, new dilemmas, new fears, new hopes... blah blah blah.

And new problems. Like, I need to start writing again. And inevitably: where do I start? What do I say? Which project should I pick up again--or should I start fresh from a whole new angle?

Should I just throw out/delete all my past work? (the temptation is great.) Should I go through all the old stuff and only keep what I like best? (this could take time.) Should I try something I haven't before? (fantasy, mystery, erotica...) Should I try and write some articles? (I always have longed to be a columnist, writing a thousand words about...anything. fun! scary! different!)

Or should I just shut up here and get to work already?

Decisions, decisions...


Bernita said...

Do. Not. Delete.
Your eyes are jaundiced at the moment.

spyscribbler said...

LOL ... just write. After a break, everything you (or at least I) write is crap. In fact, after a hiatus, I can't even write in complete sentences anymore.

So just spill shit for a couple days about anything, get things in working order again.

Well, that's my advice, LOL. That's just what works for me. :-)

Robyn said...


Could you hear me?

Just write. Write about anything, with your internal editor off. Or at least bound and gagged. The juices will start flowing again.