Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blame Rhonda for this one. She TT-ed last week about bad habits and just happened to mention that she dog-ears pages in books all the time. (I know. I can't believe it either.) Anyhow it got me to thinking about all the stuff I've shoved in between pages to keep my place over the years. And youall know what I get like when I start thinking...
1. Drink coasters. Preferably not wet ones.
2. Sticks: Popsicle, lollipop, tree... oh, and in a pinch, a piece of bark works nicely. Just brush out the crack when you remove it.
3. Candy wrappers of all kind, so long as there isn't melted chocolate all over or something.
4. Office supplies: Rubber bands, envelopes, paper clips... it's all good.
5. Hair holders: Barettes, bobby pins, scrunchies, clips... I think I even put my comb in a book once.
6. Cards: Business, post, greeting, credit...
7. A Q-Tip. No, not a used one. A CLEAN one. I've also used clean cotton balls and kleenex. But not toilet paper. That's just crossing the line!
8. Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters... However, if you leave the cap off this could spell trouble.
9. A sewing needle. I don't know, it was there!!
10. My paycheck. Or the stub. Or the envelope it came in. I'm easy.
11. Another book.
12. Jewelry: necklaces especially make lovely book thongs.
13. Post-it notes. Quite handy because they don't fall out--and you can make notes on them!
Okay, your turn: what strange but true items have found their way into your tomes?


Rhonda Stapleton said...

*snort* well, you're welcome! I try not to dogear--when there is stuff around, I'll definitely use it first.

I've actually stuck books in other books to save pages. ROFL

Robyn said...

Hee, hee. This sounds familiar. I used to leave them open, page down, even though I knew I shouldn't. Thought my husband was going to have heart failure if I didn't stop. He's the kind that keep his under glass if he could.

xakara said...

Bills make good bookmarks which proves they're good for something. I'll leave paperbacks open if I know I can get back to them quickly enough, but when that's not an option, postcards, plastic cards of all varieties, business cards (my own and others), UPS notices because there's always one around, and reciepts, which never let you down.

The absolute oddest one: dryer sheets. It was there, it worked, I kept it for the last half of the book. Not the most normal choice, but the book smells great to this day. :)

Happy TT


Bernita said...

I may dog-ear a page, use another book, or,
usually, use anything handy.Once used a doggy treat.
Have found several sweet, old-fashioned, Victorian-style, embroidered bookmarks in old books.

Missie said...

A diaper...

Not a used one, you sicko, but a diaper nonetheless. It was sitting there handy and I needed a bookmark! Stop judging me!