Wednesday, March 12, 2008


(Okay, okay. So technically, if you look at the date, it's Wednesday, not Thursday. Well, I just don't have time to do this tomorrow since I'm going to be in a full-bore linear panic counting down the hours until my move. And I'm simply addicted to my TT's. And I'm sitting here at work with a few minutes on my hands so I'm doing this instead of working. So? Stop looking at me like that. Like you've never wasted time at work. --Oh really? You have never wasted one single minute? Not one? Just work work work all the time?
{snorting} I'd tell you what I really think of that remark, but this isn't that kind of blog.)

Before the movers show up on Friday, I have to:
1. Pack the rest of my stuff. (Boxes and labels and tags, oh my!)
2. Paint Son's room. (Joy! Rapture! Paint blobs!)
3. Wax the floors. Any and all volunteers welcome!
4. Shovel the walk and end of the driveway AGAIN. I love this sooo much.
5. Spread salt everywhere and hope it evaporates the snow like yesterday.
6. Pray for 80 degrees and sun. Hey, it could happen.
7. Pack more stuff. (What do you mean, we're out of boxes?)
8. Make a gazillion trips back and forth between houses.
9. Go to pilates class tomorrow night (trust me, I need this).
10. Pack more stuff. (Gaaahhh! Where the f*** did all this crap come from??)
11. Figure out what to do with the animals on moving day (oy!).
12. Gazillion trips/pack more stuff/shovel... lather, rinse, repeat...
13. Sleep for approximately 3.4 minutes.
Doesn't this sound great? Don't you wish you were me??
Seriously, when I get settled and the computer turned back on, I'll give youall a moving report. I'm sure it will be full of witty anecdotes and a few choice words! See you soon!


Bernita said...

This list brings back memories.

Robyn said...

I hate moving, but I hate my townhouse, too. One day soon, God willing...

Congrats on your new place!