Thursday, March 27, 2008

1. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning.
2. Cat noises: Purring, trilling, meowing. Not fond of squalling in the middle of the night, however.
3. Seeing the sun rise. Or set. It's simply magical.
4. Clean, sun-warmed, line-dried laundry.
5. A fresh breeze flitting across my skin.
6. Watching animals/birds/insects in their natural place, just going about their business. It's very calming.
7. Hugs from Son. They're not as frequent, but he seems to know I need them and never complains about it.
8. Being in/around the water. (I am a water sign, after all)
9. Being abed. Beds are, hands down, the greatest invention I can think of.
10. Stargazing.
11. Thunderstorms.
12. Stained glass windows. Thankfully, my church has a bunch.
13. Holding hands. Currently I don't have a hand to hold, but I live in hope. Someday, even if I have to wait until grandchildren, I'll have one again.
Happy Thursday... spend today thinking about all the great stuff you never get tired of. Share some here if you like!


Robyn said...

Amen on thunderstorms. Love them.

Of course, they freak out the dog, which intrudes on the awesomeness, but still.

Bernita said...

Agree with all of them.