Thursday, April 17, 2008

1. Last night at work, while browsing personal ads for fun and giggles, I came across a listing for my Former Sweetheart.
2. Interestingly, where I once was too young for his age range, now I am just a year or two shy of too old.
3. His description section was, amazingly, the exact same one he had six years ago, word for word, right down to...
4. He's "ready for a serious, committed relationship!" (sure, okay...)
5. He portrayed himself as an open communicator too. (huh. really?)
6. His handle is, astoundingly, the exact same one as well.
7. Which implies things.
8. Like the possibility that he never, once we were supposedly "committed", removed his profile and it was active the entire time we were together.
9. Or that he deactivated it for a time then reactivated/updated it at some point.
10. These implications bring a whole new twist into the knickers.
11. The very real possibility that our entire relationship was a huge, sticky web of lies.
12. That none of what I thought we had was true or real.
13. My humiliation is complete; I can't get any lower. (But on the bright side, it's all up from here, right?)
Thanks for listening. I promise the next TT will be chatty and hilarious compared to this one.
PS: Yes, Rhonda and anyone else who read it--I deleted yesterday's post. That was just too much and I'd prefer to forget it now. (eye rolling)


Rhonda Stapleton said...

((hugs)) Hey, it's all good...

Oh, and don't beat yourself up over this guy. It sounds like he's a cad to begin with. You're much, much better off this way!!

Remember the reasons you split in the first place, praise yourself for having the burst of insight that spurred you into moving, and feel good about it!

Missie said...

He is a poopy head.

End of story.

Robyn said...

I know you'll need to dissect it for awhile, and go ahead. But remember that, to quote Billy Joel, the good old days weren't always good and tomorrow's not as bad as it seems.

Bernita said...

Congratulate yourself.
You may have had a lucky escape.

spyscribbler said...

Nothing wrong with having loved a lying idiot. You saw the best in him, and loved him even with his weaknesses. Just shows the quality and generosity of your heart.

It's okay to feel all that you are feeling. Just breathe, let the feelings happen, and trust that time will heal this wound, too.

And you can rant anytime. We've all been there!